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Author Topic: Need help picking a laptop
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Post Need help picking a laptop
on: September 27, 2017, 16:10


I am not tech savvy at all!! So I would appreciate your feedback on laptops. I am looking to replace my desktop with a laptop in the near future. Main uses would be internet (Facebook, Google, YouTube etc.), spreadsheets and word processors that are compatible with most everyone else in case I need to send it to someone. I do play some games but nothing real advanced, just the type of games you would find on sites like wild tangent.

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Post Re: Need help picking a laptop
on: September 28, 2017, 09:59

First and foremost: I am not going to give you THE laptop you should buy. To do this you gave not enough information (for example about the money you're willing to spent - if the other link is you as well it's $400? - or things like the OS that you would prefer) and also you didn't give us some list to chose from and it's near impossible to pick one of all the available laptops without narrowing it down first ;)

If you're not tech savvy, I would stay away from laptops that come without OS at all or have some kind of full fledged Linux pre installed (unless your desktop PC is Linux already and you're used to it). I take it that your desktop PC runs on WIndows and you're using Chrome as you browser (?) so as much as I would love to recommend you a MacBook I think they are a bit out of range what you're willing to spend and while OSX is easy to use, it's something different than what you are used to right now.

Given the price tag I don't think you will find a Windows laptop that has enough power to do a lot of things at once. I bought a 400 Euro laptop from ACER last year and gave it to my brother for his study because it wasn't powerful enough for me but he might use it to write down lectures etc. It could do one thing at a time well, but two or more things would really slow the machine down.

So I would say look for the best Chrome Book that you can find for $400 but of course you can't use fully fledged versions of Microsoft Office etc. on those and while the Google suite is quite good, you could run into incompatibilities from time to time.

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