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As usual, I’m only talking about the singleplayer as for me the multiplayer doesn’t exist/is useless:

-, -, – very blocky world design. It felt like a game crew that couldn’t afford sculptors and only box modellers, or if it could was given no budget for artwork as everything was subservient to “60 frames per second” or some-such gamey goal (probably due to the multiplayer?). Coridors are very boxy, many empty spaces, instead of details “bump maps” or such other “2d” effects. Some pretty good, but not enough to make up for a more interesting world.

-, -, – this is quite related to the above, the setting of the game. The fact that it’s a scifi setting should’ve been a wonderful thing, an opportunity for imagination and originality, but combined with the above the game remains a shallow “go soldier, go go!!!” game with a team with either not enough time/budget or imagination to create an interesting futuristic world. I say this in the following sense: if this same team/budget is given to create say historical weapons/locations/architecture, then (even within their constraints of low poly for high framerate) they could create a world which is interesting and has some measure of believability/interest, because even behind lowpoly objects, we can feel the functional design, their reasons for existing, what they’re supposed to do and in what context. All this becomes false for a futuristic world, and instead you end up with like in this game with a lot of generic “sci-fi-looking” equipment/coridors/objects, which you can tell are “skin deep” shallow”, nobody thought enough about them to make them a true original world, nor did somebody strugle enough to make them very interesting visually. In this sense I would say that within this game/constraints the setting results in a lot of mediocrity

+, +, – the thing that saved the game, and why i kept playing was the fact that you were able to keep moving forward. This kept things a little fresh, and even if I found the story shallow and events and characters uninteresting, at least you could sort of steadily advance.

– however I felt i had very little control, like it was useless to play somehow, like I was just playing chunks of cinematics, like the team wasn’t there to support my actions but me there to support their actions, just waiting for the next checkpoint, the next trigger event, more incentivized to waste time and keep ducking back than to play anything engaging

– the story felt very shallow, soldier propaganda level, with a foolish commander/admiral type who regularly forgets to be one but rather acts like a hero, “one of the soldiers” and always aims to save everybody, which without superpowers of course means he dies a lot (even on easiest difficulty)… and getting back to the story, the guy seems to have the idealism of a rookie who’s never seen casualties (or has done so much propaganda he convinced himself). The villains seem cardboard cut-out “bhaahaha” evil, which i guess they need to be since they seem to be colonies which want to break away so in fact the game is from the perspective of an empire trying to keep them under control as they rebel (particularly ironic when one thinks of America’s origins and the British Empire)

+, -, – it tries to mix things up with space fights, which i guess should be appreciated for variety and occasionally *looks* decent i didn’t enjoy it and felt like the rest of the campaign somehow very limited and not player centric

-, + the music felt forgettable, though i think there was some good stuff too, i just never really noticed it

Overall I’d give the game a -1. It’s still a high budget production, but the most disappointing CoD game in the last probably 8 or so. It feels bland and rather pointless. I wouldn’t recommend this game except to really dedicated and bored FPS fans (I guess I must be one since I finished it?)