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Hey, it’s only a few days until we enter december and we’ll start getting ready for another very excited artsy secret santa event, but until then I wanted to let you know about something out there cool that is also based on nice spirited giving: steamgifts.com. I was told about it by our very own Radu, and I’m very thankful about that. I have only been testing it out for a few days, but I must say it seems pretty cool. As far as I can tell the basic idea is this: the site is made for people who want to gift away games they liked or are not playing and are just sitting around in their inventory. What you do is create a gift, then everybody who’s interested in that game enters to win it, and at the expiration time of your choice one of the people who entered will be randomly picked out to get the game you offered. It’s a very cool way to gift stuff/share a game you liked/promote a game you find worthy… The giving process is quite smooth generally and so far 2 of the 3 games we’ve gifted there on behalf of the Artsygamer project have gone super smooth and got to their destination, with the last one ongoing (probably just somebody responding slower?).

Looking at things from the receiver’s point of view I would say you have to consider interests and odds. This is because each game ‘costs’ points to enter. The points you get in fact free automatically, whenever somebody gifts a game you get a few points (i think up to a max of 200-300), meaning you probably get at least 200 a day. The flipside is that probably for every game you might want you will be competing with hundreds of other people so it’s worth playing an odds game, eg choosing titles which you know are good but are either cheaper or you happened to get lucky and less people are interested in them. With this kind of thinking you can probably win about a game or two a month if you’re active, though if you pick the right ones you could go higher, I got 3 so far, though admittedly smaller niche/cheaper games and what I can only assume was a company promotional, meaning that i’m assuming the producers of games occasionally enter the site and they gift not one or two but hundreds or even a thousand games sometimes, thus increasing your odds. Anyway, it’s a fun little way of playing with odds and interests if you just wanna experiment with such things while at the same time being against gambling where your lose money, as I am. Also this was my first time experimenting with a public bidding system so it was quite fun for me. Oh, before I forget, I believe you must have a steam account with a minimum value of games to create an account on the site as it syncs, but you probably already do, don’t you? Also you can’t enter to win games which you already own in your steam account.

Anyway, thought I’d share this as in case anybody else might be interested. Check it out, maybe you’ll have fun, and it’s yet another chance for you to fill up your santa’s bag of steam gifts ready to be deployed for fun making on christmas (besides the mindblowing sales of mega cool games that have been happening in the last week). A nod and a wink to all the happy santas out there!

Small Worlds

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An interesting exploration game to make the afternoon go by faster.



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Cool idea! i was always fascinated with the scenes in movies where the vacum of space does something :P


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