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A little late, but thought I’d post my top 5 games of 2016. It was a tough fight but the winners to me are:

1) Dying Light: The Following

2) Dishonored 2

3) Far Cry Primal

4) Dark Souls 3

5) Witcher 3 tied with Hitman

Obviously the choices are subjective though as to my reasons their respective reviews/impressions hopefully explain at least partly my choices. As an honourable mention I’d put in Layers of Fear, a game on a much lower budget but that still managed to impress.

Please leave your top 5 in the comments and I’ll edit-it in here in the post. (games of 2016 as in when you played them, even if they’re older)

————————— Firefish

1) Dark Souls 3
2) Dishonored 2 tie with Dying Light: The Following
3) Far Cry Primal
4) Uncharted 4
5) Hitman

————————— Jaco

1) Uncharted 4
2) Dark Souls 3
3) The Witcher 3
4) Ori and the blind forest
5) Inside

————————— P3tty

1) ARK Survival Evolved
2) Broforce
3) Firewatch
4) Sniper Elite V2
5) Dishonored

————————— Michi

1) Sherlock Holmes – The Devil’s Daughter
2) Uncharted 4
3) Shadows of Mordor
4) Dishonored
5) Tales of Monkey Island

————————— 47crows

1) Halo 2 for PC
2) Life is Strange
3) Hitman – Blood Money
4) Terraria
5) Brutal DOOM

————————— Bossti

2) The Last Guardian
3) Mafia 3
4) Overwatch
5) Inside

————————— Player347

1) Teeworlds – timeless online 2D shooter, highly addictive
2) The Last Guardian
3) Waking Mars
4) FOTONICA – 1 button game, loads of fun
5) Shelter 2 – open world animal survival, mother lynx hunts and feeds baby lynxes

Jedi Outcast – The Movie

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A long time ago, in a galaxy still owned by Lucas….

The 2nd Death Star is destroyed, the Empire is crumbling (spoilers!). A couple of (no ordinary) mercenaries are sent to investigate a remote Imperial Remnant outpost. A menial task, at best… or is it?

Anyone who’s played Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (long title, huh?) remembers the story of the morally-grey, ex-Imperial Kyle Katarn, on his path to enlightenment (only because you can’t choose the dark side in this installment). What if some Australians took it upon themselves to bring the story to the big screens?

The group has disassembled the game’s assets and gave them a modern polish, using Unreal Engine 4 for the entirety of the project (shader, animation, dialogue, camera work etc.). Some assets (such as character animations) are lifted from the KOTOR games.

Apart from the new, modern look, the group has managed to create an “asset shuffler” of sorts, allowing for varied character outfits (Jedi Academy character creator-style).

Adobe’s VoCo is expected to be used for this, and for many such other projects.

It is currently not known when exactly the movie will be released, but, according to the team, “not this year”.

Titanic: Honor and Glory

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It is the year 1912, and you’ve somehow found your way aboard the largest man-made mobile structure on Earth.  Naturally, because it’s a plague-free couple of years, you find time to wander around the ship, bask in its beauty, and overall enjoy the view.

Oh, wait, all of this is about to be on the ocean floor in a matter of hours (spoiler alert).

The dedicated people at Vintage Digital Revival LLC are hard at work recreating the Titanic, down to every last watertight[citation heavily needed] bulkhead. Seriously.

The project is still in its infancy (the game engine seems to be at default settings based on some glitches caused by detail culling in UE4), and at this stage (much like Cameron’s “Titanic”) is devoid of characters. Gameplay should feature both a ship exploration mode, and a story mode.

It is estimated to be available for purchase somewhere in 2018, so sit tight.

There are 2 demos available for download on the developers’ website (alongside a beautiful gallery of in-game shots). The devs recommend having a whopping 8 GiB of system RAM, but it’s worth it.

Gothic 2 – 6 ways how to get into Khorinis

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A blast from the epic past!

Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis Special Edition (work in progress)

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Remember LucasArts and their cool point ‘n click video games? While all of them had an overall cool storyline and feel, this one stood out throughout the years. For some, it was the classic character and the puzzles you had to go though, for others, the otherworldly design of Atlantis.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is being (unofficially) fan remade by a 3rd party, featuring a modern-ish look and feel. Let’s hope all goes well and they don’t get the axe from Disney. Also, let’s hope for a Day of the Tentacle remake as well.

For more videos go here, and for updates, there’s a facebook page, and a developer’s twitter.

Star Wars – Knights of The Old Republic (Apeiron HD Remake)

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Are all these video game (and movie) reboots making you feel left out? Don’t worry! Chances are you’ve enjoyed the first two games set in The Old Republic times, and maybe even had a daydream about them being remade.

Dream no more; a small, independent team decided to step up, and treat KOTOR to a nice shine and polish, featuring modern models and shaders, and a first-person mode, among many other goodies.

Don’t forget to check their progress over here.

At the time of writing (August, 2016), Apeiron has not yet received a cease & desist. Good for them.

Theater of Nature [CoD: Ghosts]

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This portion of the game would’ve fit so perfectly inside a Last of Us game you’d think it was a copy-paste. I mean it as a compliment! Great work in mixing nature into the scene with retro architecture!

Old PC Aladdin & Lion King

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I still, even after so many years, have so much respect for what I played in my youth on PC, these two games in particular I found the artwork there amazing and still do.

Pachter is zbacck! (Gametrailers RIP)

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On the shocking news yesterday that Gametrailers is gone (wow, end of an era! My mental fake-reason is all the young inexperienced staff recently doing more and more couch talkshows instead of game footage) i found out a deelighful news: Pachter is back. I really missed him and to me it was the most interesting show Gameterailers had and they cut it to replace with ones i wasn’t interested in. Great to have somebody lucid enough to think about the numbers.

Dying Light: The Following

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Still playing it, but much much better game than i thought so far! It shockingly manages to be as good as the original while cutting in very tricky uncharted territory with the buggie.

To me the originalwas the best game of 2016, but now after playing some more (restarted, seems it doesn’t recognize old saves as same game) and parts of the expansion , maaan i gotta say i’d extend my judgement as best game of last 2 maybe 3 years. I just can’t stop with the praises. I mean it has to me the amazing environments and attention to environmental design of AC Rogue, the “you have to use your observation to figure out logical environment secrets” of Dishonored, open worldness of Gta 5, with just as good characters, the many quests of Oblivion, the eploration of Dark souls 1, the firstpersonanes of Halflife 2 (especially with the buggy vehicle stuf, which i normally hate in games but here i find it okay), and … well, i mean amaaazing stuff!! loooving it!


Father Gascoigne [Prepare to Cry]

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a tragic story in the tragic universe of Bloodborne

PS+ June 2015

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I’m quite happy about MGS. I was curious to give it another chance. I didn’t enjoy the last one since it was so crazy but still have fond memories of MGS3 so I was planning to give the new one a chance and this way I get to get a taster for free. Also the Call of Juarez looks interesting.

Watchdogs – impressions

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– to be honest i wasn’t expecting much because of the visual artwork and the initial impression was that the artwork could be better

+, + but then the world came alive and turned out to be quite fascinating because of what was happening in it not so much of how it looked

+, +, + I gotta admit I even quite enjoyed online play. The observation and hacking played pretty much like an interesting multi-step hide&seek with great surprises

+, +, + the main story turned out to be quite interesting, having a lot of variety

-, + the music on the radio had some okay songs but also some more mediocre ones. Compared to say GTA i would say the radio soundtrack is not as good. One original plus is the ability to actually pick songs and i think even make playlists

+, + however the game’s original soundtrack in main missions is quite awesomely immersive.

+ it does some quite big innovations in the field of online playing. You could say it has invasions like a souls game, or Bloodborne, but it does so without being annoying, as it only does them between missions and they’re much more friendly in the sense that the invader is punished if he attacks so it’s more of a voyeuristic interesting sharing experience and it can easily be avoided and wihtout big bad consequences

+ a ton of side activities and inside minigames. Things ranging from virtual reality overlay coin gathering to chess puzzles and finding a ball hidden in cups, surprisingly interesting stuff

+, +, +, + the game manages to touch on a lot of modern topics of interest such as sphere of privacy stuff, people exchanging privacy for security, possibilities of htis being exploited and even political implications. It also manages to do this without being incredibly predictably judgemental sometimes even throwing arguments on both sides of the debate

+, + to my great surprise it manages to do a geeky hacking game without being totally stupid or lame. That’s quite impressive.

+ in the end the city turned out surprisingly big, reminding me of San Andreas a bit with core and periphery.

+, +, + great value, much longer and more interesting than i expected

Conclusions: 3 (on a -5 to 5 scale). I gotta say this game totally blew me away. Story, length, living world, variety, all done so very well. The world environment art could’ve been better and the city is a bit square-ish boring, but it’s brought to life by everything happening in it, an interesting story and interesting philosophical questions it raises, all while managing to be fun. It even manages to do online in a surprisingly okay way. Respeckt!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – impressions

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-, – the environments are quite mediocre. I mean if at least if they stuck to realistic present day, but they tried to do near future while having no good ideas or interesting things thought out

+ the pacing of story advances are fast, there’s always a checkpoint and moving on to the a new location

– the exosuit thing was quite lame. Everything they did was done years ago much better by Crysis 2, 3 and even 1. Giving this illusion of freedom at arbitrary moments with such tunnel environments only gives an even more locked feeling.

+ there’s quite a lot of environment variety (even if they’re mostly mediocre, in my opinion)

– the story promises to be different and interesting but it quickly turns back into  another hero american patriotic soldier story. Lowly grunt soldier level story. The villain promises in the trailers to be an interesting moral gray with some personality depth & smarts only to be then portrayed as a pretty dumb unidimensional kill-everything-in-sight type of villain. Looking forward to times when games will be able to move from some simplified black & white stories.

Conclusions: -1 (on a -5 to 5 scale) a quite mediocre game. I mean sure, if it was a low budget it would’ve been okay but for such high budget highly advertised title it just seemed to me to be disappointingly mediocre. I even gave the multiplayer maps a chance and they’re as generic and boring as the main game. I would have rather played a WW2 call of duty than such generic empty sci-fi environments.

PS+ April 2015

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Wooow!!! Dishonored!!! This is officially a great month for PS+ again! WUHUU!!! I look forward to redipping into it’s superb world. I’m also curious about Killzone Mercenaries.

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