10 days left!

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Only 10 more days until the list of the secret santas is closed. Do you really wanna risk being off it and not get to make somebody’s Christmas night and in turn not get to get a lil surprise? Join the party here:

Artsy Gamers, Secret Santas!!!

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Okay, I couldn't keep it in anymore… can you tell that I'm already super excited about Christmas fuuun?!?!? :D


Okay, so here's the lowdown: is only half about cool games with artistic values, the other half is about the fantastic community and friendships we're building here, gathering special peoplez, we are. So, here's the deal: this shall be Artsygamer's 3rd Christmas, and on this magical occasion we shall start a tradition! An awesome one! I'm starting to build a list of people who are interested in joining. On the 18th I will use this list to randomly extract (out of something christmasy, like a hat or something) everybody's Secret Artsy Santa (SASsy, non?). Then i will contact the people on the list with their respective giftee. On Christmas night we all send the gifts and we can then discuss them in great excitement the next day :D.

The nitty gritty

For speciffics I was thinking a low budget Steam game (at the time of writing this there's 300+ at <5€ and 831 games at <10€, though I propose to stick around 5 so as to be the most accessible for everybody, it's more about the fun and the gesture than anything). I figured Steam 'cause it's the most hassle free as far as I know and it's digital instant delivery makes it convenient, plus I bet quite a couple of us have an account lying around somewhere. Plenty of choices & probably a ton of fab holiday deals on fantastic games are guaranteed :D

Why would I do it?

Well… for the huge joy of giving, of course! Imagine you get to browse through a ton of games, remembering the ones you liked most, and share one with somebody, spreading the joy, making the world a better place!

As an incredible added bonus you will also get to have a cool surprise waiting for you to unwrap. Even if you've played the game before it will be super fun to get it, knowing that somebody else (and you get to wonder who) reaaaallly enjoyed that game and thought it was special enough to share. It probably meant a LOT in their life… it's magical to share that!

Oh, and just think that in 10 years when there'll be a ton of people revering the religion that will be ArtsyGamer you'll get to smugly say: "well, you know, I was there in 2010 for the first Secret Santa!" … and then smugly point to the cool game you got too! :D

I want in! Pleaaaaseee!!!

Well, gimme a private message (top menu), or email, or facebook or even contact form (i hope it works)… you could even just leave a comment here if the email you're registered with is the one you'll want to be receiving on. Name + email … and that's all :D

What now?

Well, now you start looking around, thinking of the best choice, imagining the excitement of giving and getting… making somebody just a tinsy bit more happy and in turn being super surprised with a lil game that might just be a fab revelation for you, taking you into a world you didn't even know existed :D YEAY FOR SURPRISES!!!!!!!!!

Big December Announcement … stay tuned

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I’ve been trying to hold it in for like a week now, can’t much longer… so leaking it: stay tuned on December 1st… history in the making.

We gotz discussion forumzors! :D

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Have you ever wanted to start a random chat with fellow artsy gamers that’s not on a reply to a post? Have you ever wanted to post about artsy games but you’re not (yet) one of the contributing staff? Share a movie, share a link, a funny photo or youtube vide, send a private message… ? Well, now u can!!!

Yep. Have a glance at the top menu! And it actually works! Give it a try! And since now tech wiz Firefish has been promoted to Knight of the Forums, and administering it, we can actually hope it will continue working, and maybe even improve (is it just me to whom posting and private messages are very slow?). Apparently there’s a bunch of forum plugins… this however is the one i managed to get working :D So, it can probably look and behave better. Hip, hip … hurrraaayy!!! :D

About ArtsyGamer

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ArtsyGamer is built on top of the joy of experiencing art, and the belief that games are a medium that can contain great art. That is not to say that all games are masterpieces, just like not all things printed on paper are great books. We do however believe that games are a medium which can contain all the great forms of art: imagery/paintings/photography, sculpture/3d/architecture, writing/books/story, movies and music. And in those miraculous cases where all these things work together well, one could really have amazing artistic and personal experiences.

Our dream is that ArtsyGamer will form and nourish a comunity of likeminded special people: weather you are a person who loves games, enjoys art or are an artist yourself, we would be honoured to have you onboard with us on this games-art-digitalgenerationlifestyle community. With your help, we aim to make this a place where it’s fun to spend time, to discuss things, to express yourself and to to learn from the experiences and knowledge of others. A whole lifetime seems too short to get to know and enjoy all the art and entertainment out there, but, in a comunity of friendly interesting people, we could give eachother hints as to directions worth exploring, games worth playing, stories worth reading, movies worth seeing, art worth enjoying and together get the best out of them!


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