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To my surprise i found this game on Android not just for free, but better from my perspective than the ps4 version I bought or the Steam version I prebought to encourage development. I’m surprised how much I played it as I normally only play on ps4 in recent years, and also don’t get it how it can be completely free and of such high quality. Also amazed how today a cheap cellphone can be more powerful than my old homebase big Pentium 200Mhz + video card, and in fact it’s even a bit too powerful at times as the game actually felt too crisp at times (except the wheels which are still not round enough for such a foreground element). I’m still impressed with how many years ahead of it’s time this game was in terms of level and game design, with pretty much huge open world game, encouraging exploration, the “race” itself being <30% of huge and interesting maps I just want to explore even again and the points and generosity of maps gives a freedom of choice that’s uncommon even in 2017 in terms of where you want to play (for example i generally prefer the sunny/beach maps). Also great balance in that the race is just long/short enough that you have a reasonable chance of enjoying the chaos of tha AI drivers and have a chance of getting them. Tried it on different sized phone/tablets, thinking i’d prefer a bigger one, or at least the intermediary sized Fire one (I was surprised it was on that shop too, not free there, but still), but in the end enjoying it on my phone-turned-tablet 5″ size (i think). I particularly admire how well they translated keyboard input into touchscreen input. As in the old day the physics continues to be a lot of fun. Oh, and did I mention the level design is fun-tastic? So much variety and invitation to explore, you almost feel happy when an opponent crashes you off the street into an unexplored area.

Impressed overall, I hope to finish it.


PS: loving the music! It’s very old school, I felt vibes of Prodigy back in the “Fat of the Land” 1997 age with a metal tendency. Some really surprising and enjoyably energetic sound moods.