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yeayy, the first great Blooborne Vaati story awesomeness. If only the developers would have hired somebody like him to tell/flesh out or even just narate some story the game wouldn’t have felt so underdeveloped in this area. I would have loved to hear more ideas of what happened in different houses/streets. Can’t wait for more like this! Although i appreciate his solution vids too, i find he really excells beyond measure at this storytelling part and in doing this provides content which completes (not a compliment to the game) the souls games in ways I still feel the developers should have more. I mean it’s interesting and all, that in story like in gameplay elements, the players have gotten used to going online to find out what this or that thing is (even for basic player choices), but I still consider this a problem from the developers, like they shipped a game where this was lacking, even if excelling in enough other areas that the players are willing to do this. Luckily there’s such a great community! On the other hand given the limited development budget I think they took a great choice spending more time in making the world more open and interesting environments, even if they did have to sacrifice resources for storytelling.

Bloodborne Nightly Hunt, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating