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When I yesterday finally wrote down my predictions for the lootboxing of games I totally did not expect this direction. Even though as a player I’m tempted to be happy of this and the implication, I find it rather scary, as once the govs get a taste of the games industry they might go much further than we as gamers might want, either by finding a new industry to parasite and tax & regulate into stagnation or even the unimaginable, going to deciding for us that all games are “according to a new study” somehow dangerous for us to play and then “for our own good” proceed to banning/censoring a lot of them (already I live in a country where I can’t buy some of the best zombie games). Call me a paranoid if you want to, and indeed I don’t find this probable, but there’s just too many fables of the rabbit calling in the lion to help with the fox and then later with the fox gone getting eaten (and their application in kingdoms past through history).


PS: new develompents here