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Well, I finished just it. Here’s my quick thoughts:

+ very cool beginning at the opera. Sets up exciting things. Then you realize you’re still in the old world, in England, and the trip to America

+,+ amazing twist as you realize who you were playing and that he’s in fact … [spoiler]

– but then the game starts to go downhil :P I mean for any other game it might have been okay, but for those who’ve played previous AC games before it’s rather unimpressive. maybe even if this was just the 3rd and final AC3 game, but in fact this is like the 5th or 6th game in the series, they’ve dragged it out by the ears, and as I’m writing this AC4 just came out… so … well, by those standards I was expecting more. AC1 had fantastic ideas and visiting Jerusalem and such cities, AC2 had beautiful beeautiful Venice but then… well…

– the revolutionary founding fathers america seems rather generic and generated. It’s a shame as I’m hugely into American history so i had very high expectations. Instead the world feels made out of cardboard somehow. I got the impression of a much more living and personal world from the wild west in Red Dead revolver. Maybe it’s because they really wanted to play it safe and not upset anybody and thus stayed away from non politically correct stories. Didn’t at some point somebody leak the game was supposed to have scalping and then it was cut out? That could be an example.

– there are trees, and there’s landscape to explore, but it all feels so very copy-pasted, like a programmer did it, not a work of love. One forest felt like another, one city felt like another, and the houses which i was expecting to love also managed to feel bland and generic

+ still nice to see a work from that period

-,-,- long scripted scenes which I had to re-re-re-repeat getting very annoyed at the wasted time. Dropped the game a couple of times because of that

– no choices. You have no influence it seems on the world, neither in the historical sense or in the present day, or even with the grand finale choice (to my surprise). While understandable for a game reading gene memories, still dissapointing to just work your way through a movie

– waaaaaaay, waaaaaay too many triangles, polygons, flickers and waves and stuff taking you out of the historical mood and always reminding you that it’s all a fake.

+ some interesting places to climb

+ the tree jumping mechanic is quite cool, though mostly useless as it was hard to find routes through them and ended up mostly running on the ground

+ it’s interesting to see the character evolve as he sees the complexities of reality, multiple points of view. How his enemies far from being weak/shamed are saddened at deaths as they truly believe in their ideals

+ though generally presenting some rather confused/conflicting and warm & fuzzy world views, mostly leaning in the present day american democrat direction from what I can tell, it’s nice to see it also say some more cutting things too. For example at some point (though the main character doesn’t react to it) somebody says something on the lines that maybe the native indians would have been better protected under British law, thus giving some credence to the position of the loyalists, otherwise a vilified “evil” group. It’s funny to see victory written by the victors, as they say. The revolutionaries actually opposed that day’s law and government, and as far as I know from history it wasn’t at all as clear cut as people present it often today, in the sense that many believed it was wrong/it would be better tor remain under Britain’s rule. Another interesting moment in this direction is in the epilogue when somebody says how the government is smart it’s not yet having taxes, because “it’s still too british” but insinuates they will, which is indeed a nice insightful thought. Can you imagine a world with no income tax? AFAIK in America it didn’t start until like 1900 or so. Yet it’s also interesting to see how history keeps looping

– the present day events are rather bland and boring, the locations quite generic :(

– the mysteries of the old race seemed to me to be very confused, I couldn’t really understand the main story, who was on what side, particularly the final choice given the the protagonist. The two old ladies seemed to me not just not too well done, but also sort of pulled out of the blue and artificially. Mostly confusing blabber talk between them, though there was also an interesting idea too, about the old savior/distorted religious words

– you’re running most of the time, so why not make running default and for walking having to keep R1 pressed. Would have made much more sense/ease than the other way around.

Overall: 0.5 (on a -5 to 5 scale) if you haven’t played AC1 or AC2 you’ll probably be impressed, if you’ve played the two it might feel like more of the same like it did to me. It’s a shame really, as I had the highest hopes for this historical period. I don’t think I’m getting AC4 anytime soon. I said the same thing after finishing AC2c ( Revelations ? ) as I had left it long out of boredom, but yet I let my optimistic hopes get the best of me and got AC3. If I had just waited a few months more I would have gotten it for free on Playstation Plus, which would have felt a more fitting choice for this rather bland content. Who knows, maybe coming with those low expectations I would have been more impressed?

Assassin's Creed 3 - Impressions, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating