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Expires: 11pm, 5th December

Hello artsy gamers and artsy gamerettes! Hey, did you know it’s December? Season of the gifts is here! And since we couldn’t wait any longer until this year’s Artsy Secret Santa:

Presenting: the first group gift event! For this solemn occasion I propose, the game Psychonauts. Have funny with this funny, original, crazy, adventurous travel through colorful cartoony minds… don’t just try, BE a psychonaut!
To enter go to:

For those new to Steamgifts, the way it works is that at the expiration of the time a winner is randomly chosen from the entries. More detailed explanation in an older post.
You can only see that page if you’re a part of the Artsygamer steam group. If you’re not yet just leave a comment saying so and we’ll add you. Hurry, the random winner is drawn in 2 days. If for some reason Steamgifts doesn’t realize you’re part of the Artsygamer group it may need to resync your Steam account. To force it to do it right now go to and click on Force Sync (useful in case you just joined the group as Steamgifts seems to only update accounts with Steam every couple of days).
Any other questions or problems please pose them in the comments and we’ll fix it soon. Have fun and good luck!

Artsygamer Gifting Event #1, 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings