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Just the other day i was desperatelly searching wikipedia & general web hoping to find out about books featuring interesting anti-hero type characters. Gotta say I love ’em more morally ambiguous characters. For example I keep trying star wars books but the universe seems so black and white, I’m quite bored of the eternal triumph of clearly positive characters. I’m curious about stories which mirror what I see in the real world more closely: a lot of morally grey choices and good/bad results not always following their good/bad respective choices. So, about prototype: open world + more gray character = I’m quite interested. Now there’s two things that I’m worried about: first I have yet to see trully inspiring artwork, and the bigger issue: I wish there were choices and options involved. Keeping my fingers crossed. I know I’m wishing for much, and either way I’ll probably be giving the game a try someday because it dares to be a bit more niche, but I’m hoping it’ll be so much more…

Anti-hero in a prototype?, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings