ArtsyGamer is built on top of the joy of experiencing art, and the belief that games are a medium that can contain great art. That is not to say that all games are masterpieces, just like not all things printed on paper are great books. We do however believe that games are a medium which can contain all the great forms of art: imagery/paintings/photography, sculpture/3d/architecture, writing/books/story, movies and music. And in those miraculous cases where all these things work together well, one could really have amazing artistic and personal experiences.

Our dream is that ArtsyGamer will form and nourish a comunity of like-minded special people: weather you are a person who loves games, enjoys art or are an artist yourself, we would be honored to have you on board with us on this games-art-digitalgenerationlifestyle community. With your help, we aim to make this a place where it’s fun to spend time, to discuss things, to express yourself and to to learn from the experiences and knowledge of others. A whole lifetime seems too short to get to know and enjoy all the art and entertainment out there, but, in a comunity of friendly interesting people, we could give eachother hints as to directions worth exploring, games worth playing, stories worth reading, movies worth seeing, art worth enjoying and together get the best out of them!

If you have any suggestions, or you would like to contribute (note that were always looking for new writers or anyone that could help this project), or you simply want to make contact please dont hesitate to write.


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